Ubuntu Touch

Plan B

In my Ubuntu Touch Phone experiment I have activated plan b, I have since yesterday reverted back to Android and this is why. My Meizu is still a interesting phone, fast with a nice screen and good camera (compared to my earlier phones). It’s super nice to have a real operating system there that I can manage like a normal computer. I like the idea to get some alternatives in between Android and iOS.

Phone Update

In about a week from now, I have had my Ubuntu Touch phone for two months. I have got used to some aspects of it but I still finds fun and interesting things to do with it. Is it a pain? Yes, indeed it is, more or less all applications that I daily use are worse than the Android equivalent and I have been thinking about the possibility to buy an Android phone, the Pixel do indeed looks interesting.


Time to integrate Nextcloud with my Ubuntu Phone, the calendar was easy because there are an option under accounts that is called “Owncloud”, I just added my Nextcloud account and my calendar was synced. Unfortunately I see no way to sync nether contacts or tasks with this method. I guess, the option will be there in a future OTA, I hope. The good thing is that it’s only the UI that’s missing, you can do plenty of things with the command syncevolution.


Dekko is the default installed email client provided by Canonical, I added my email credentials (just email address and password) and it figured everything out by it self. Probably because I have a autoconfig.xml hosted at my email server, or maybe it guessed my quite standard setup. It has overall a nice UI, and it will do the job. I mostly consume email at the phone, but I like to be able to send email from time to time.

Apps for Ubuntu Touch

Last post I started talking on my project to try out to use a Ubuntu Phone as my primary phone. I have not that many applications and functions that I must have on my primary phone, I still have Android tablets, my work phone and so on … But these are the critical things that I’m so used to have with me all the time, these things are important. Pebble - I love my Pebble smartwatch and this was one of the things that I researched before I bought the phone.

Meizu Pro 5

The grass is always greener on the other side, or something. I have gotten really tired on Android, it feels like it’s moving in the wrong direction, at least for me. So I have been thinking about my options, but Apple products are a nogo for me, and Windows Phone is a joke so … I have been tracking Canonical’s Phones for a little more than a year now. Still too early I thought, I need something usable.