COVID 19 #3

This is my 3rd COVID post since the start. It feel so strange how things have normalized for me. I recently took my 3rd shoot of the vaccine. The first one was okay, but the second one resulted in me feeling really sick for a few hours with a really unproductive next day. I was worried that the 3rd shot would be the same, but this time I felt just fine.

COVID 19 #2

Hello 2021! Now over a year with COVID-19 and almost a year since it was formally classified as a pandemic. Strange times, so many things that have almost normalized them self. A few things lost, some gained but overall 2020 was more good than bad, for me personally. The world, not sure about that. Vaccinations Vaccinations have started, that’s good. The health agency hope to have more or less of everyone vaccinated to midsummer.


It feels a little like talking about the elephant in the room talking about COVID-19 in the middle of it. This post will mostly focus on a few personal reflections that the entire thing have changed for me. The beginning I remember the news around new year about the new SARS virus that was going on in Wuhan, China. I was not that worried from the beginnig, this was not the first time we had a virus going on in Asia that stayed there.