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Easy Podman Systemd Service


I have kept an eye at Podman since Giuseppe started to work on it, I have played with it from time to time and I have been impressed how the project has evolved. Since Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, Podman is finally part of the normal Ubuntu repos so I'm in progress of replacing all my Docker usage to Podman and from time to time I find a few quite awesome small tools, like this one:

Launch a container like you normally do

# podman create --name nginx nginx:latest

run works to, it will not confuse the next step.

Make a systemd unit file

# podman generate systemd nginx > /etc/systemd/system/podman-nginx.service
# systemctl enable podman-nginx.service
# systemctl start podman-nginx.service

... and we have a unit file created to start/stop the container. Awesome! If you like to tweak it there are a few options, personally I like --name to use the name instead of the container hash, and possible --new if you like to start with a fresh container each time.

Check out the manpage for more information, and oh, there is a generate kube as well.

All these 210 words are written by Stefan Berggren, feel free and contact me if you like.