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Das Keyboard - a decade later


A little over ten year ago my cheap keyboard failed and I bought my first Das Keyboard. I'm still writing on the exact same keyboard. Time flies, that's a decade and it still feels, and sounds, like the day I bought it.

Das Keyboard

Back then, I thought that 1200 SEK for a keyboard was expensive, but considering I'm still using it happily 10 years later, that's no more than 120 SEK/year or 10 SEK/month ... that nothing! I have no plans to replace it so it's getting even better!

A few months later I added a set of custom keycaps because I realized that the convenience of text outweighed the coolness of a blank keyboard. I have cleaned it from time to time, and some times popped all the keys to clean it properly, that's all.

I have blue switches, no rings, so they are quite clicky. With that in mind I choose a more quit keyboard with red switches for work, oh my, they are bad compared to the blue switches here at home. I really like the audio feedback from the blue switches. Since the pandemic I have been using the original keyboard for both work and personal stuff and the red keyboard had moved on to my country house. If I never move back to a office again I may try to upgrade to brown switches, and if it stays at the country house ... blue switches of course!

Unless my living conditions change, I hope to see another 10 years with this fantastic keyboard. These days there are plenty of good mechanical keyboards and I have no idea how Das Keyboard compares, but I have been really happy with it!

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