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    HAProxy TCP forward with SNI

    For a long time I have been running most of my HTTP traffic via a HAproxy installation. This will grant me great flexibility with a stable frontend, and I'm then free to route different parts of to whatever backend I need to solve my task.

    COVID 19 #2

    Hello 2021! Now over a year with COVID-19 and almost a year since it was formally classified as a pandemic. Strange times, so many things that have almost normalized them self. A few things lost, some gained but overall 2020 was more good than bad, for me personally. The world, not sure about that.


    A little after midnight I write this post. I have spent most of the evening tinkering with Kubernetes, MicroK8s to be more precise. MicroK8s was until recently just a quick and easy way to run a single node Kubernetes cluster on your local computer for development. But it has evolved to also include more serious small scale production deployments.