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This year


Time is interesting, what is a day for you? A complete rotation around earth axis, or from when the sun is at it's highest point in the sky, until the next one? It's not the same, think about it.

Independent of with one you choose you have about 365 and a quarter of days until the next year starts. We will celebrate it rounded down to 365 to make things simpler, and catch up the missing time in 2020 with an extra full day.

That's 8760 hours, thousand of hours to change your life, do something to better your self, the world and make something good. Focus on something and try to better it, work on it and try to be a better human, for your self.


A new year is often used for reflections of the passed year, I have done this a few times before in 2009, 2014, 2015 and 2016. So I feel the need to summarize again.

Last post on this theme was written in the end of September of 2016 so there is a little more than a year to catchup. I headed to Linux-/ContainerCon Europe in Berlin with colleagues in October 2016. It was quite corporate but there where several really interesting talks around the Linux container ecosystem, constraints, seccomp, cgroups and ns that I really enjoyed.

In 2017 I headed once again to FOSDEM. Since I quit South Pole this conference is also a chance to see old colleagues, fun. In April I headed down to Berlin, third time for me but this was the first time as an social visit for me, an old friend is living there now and he had just got an apartment. The last time I left the country in 2017 was in October and once again "LinuxCon" but now renamed and merged to Open Source Summit. It was in Prague, a lovely town and I had a fun time with my colleagues. The events was "meh", to enterprise, to little interesting topics for me.

My life and work situation is on the surface more or less the same, just the normal slowly improving progress. I'm working against greater goals and we will see if 2018 is the year where they happens.

Last year I talked about a car, my Tesla Model 3 what I had booked. I believed that it was a good chance that I would have it today in early 2018 but like most things Tesla, they are optimistic and of course there have been delays... looks like at least six months and now I hope that I will have my car before the winter this year, we will see. I had hoped to get it before my vacation, I guess that's really unlikely. But I have a drives license now, took it mainly in September to October last year.

Looking forward

I need to be better to organize some parts of my life, over the last ten years I have made huge improvements in that regard but there are still missing spots that I need to handle. It's always important to try to improve your self.

One thing I started doing this year was to stop using the snooze button, I have combined this with a stable time and now I almost always feel awake and alert in the mornings. I still stay in my bed for quite some time, but I now spend the time that I used to snooze to read on my phone instead, a step on the right direction. The next step: Actually leave the bed earlier.

One thing that I need to take care of this year is my health, I need to start to eat more healthy food at home, and start to burn a little more fat.

... and maybe write more?

Please note that this is a old post from the year 2018 and the information may be outdated. All these 661 words are written by Stefan Berggren, feel free and contact me if you like.