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    Lenovo No More

    I did write about my journey with my Lenovo and this is the second part. I called the place I bought it from the next day, I fixed an DOA (Dead On Arrival) document from Lenovo Support and I took the time chatting a little with the support guy. The problem was well known and it's is some form of problem between or inside IME (Intel Management Engine) he believed.

    How I bricked by new Lenovo

    I did it, I finally bought a laptop computer. I'm not writing this on the new laptop, and this is the reason and my journey.

    Daylight Saving Time

    I have never liked Daylight Saving Time (DST), It has always been a hassle to change timezone twice a year. I'm off balance for a week and it can be confusing with people missing appointments.

    GitHub - The central spot for code

    The acquisition of GitHub by Microsoft brought up a few emotions and a few old thoughts of mine. GitHub had been the defacto community for code sharing for everything from FOSS projects to large businesses for some time now. Most people have an account, so you can expect people to be able to comment, make pull requests and so on. It is also large advantage to keep the code, issues and workflow at the same spot where the community is.

    Fuzzy Bash completion

    The ssh command has included bash completion in most systems, for example you can complete common host names and on some systems even hosts previously connected to from the known_hosts file, but this file do not contain useful hostnames since many years due to security reasons.

    This year

    Time is interesting, what is a day for you? A complete rotation around earth axis, or from when the sun is at it's highest point in the sky, until the next one? It's not the same, think about it.