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Nextcloud vs. Owncloud

I have been using Owncloud for some time now hosted on one of my servers, it was setup mainly to sync calender and contacts to move away from Google Contacts and Calendar. It has been working nicely and I have also used it for document sync, and image sync from my phone.

But things have happen in the Owncloud universe, and we now have a fork called Nextcloud. At the moment it is more or less the same as Owncloud but they will most likely derivative after some time. This was a good time to jump ship and I choose to make a fresh install on a new server (several servers actually).

Why did I choose Nextcoud over Owncloud? Three reasons.

  • Nextcloud was created to focus on making a good opensource product, not what makes money that much of the focus in Owncloud Inc was (pushed by investors).
  • The was the core team from Owncloud that founded Nextcloud, they abandon ship.
  • Over all, Nextcloud is much more opensource friendly, and there are plenty of activity.

So over all, I see a bright future for Nextcloud. Owncloud, we will see.

Please note that this is a old post from the year 2016 and the information may be outdated. All these 214 words are written by Stefan Berggren, feel free and contact me if you like.