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Apps for Ubuntu Touch


Last post I started talking on my project to try out to use a Ubuntu Phone as my primary phone. I have not that many applications and functions that I must have on my primary phone, I still have Android tablets, my work phone and so on ...

But these are the critical things that I’m so used to have with me all the time, these things are important.

Pebble - I love my Pebble smartwatch and this was one of the things that I researched before I bought the phone. The project RockWork adds support for most Pebble smartwatches.

Work E-mail and Calendar (Exchange from Office365) - I do not need 2-way sync, just a mechanism to get the meetings to my phone (and then into my Pebble), for mail I can use IMAP, I’m already using it today because I like to use Thunderbird.

Personal E-mail and Calendar - This is simple because I have control on both sides and I’m using open source software so I expect this to work out of the box.

Podcasts - My morning compute is 15 minutes walk, buy coffee, take the subway and then 25 minutes walk. Most days I walk the opposite way on my way home. So there are a over an hour each day that I spend listening to podcasts while I walk/rides the subway.

Slack - It has been an important tool at work and the fact that I have a client in my pocket has saved me several times, and of course it’s nice to be notified on my Pebble.

This are the important one that I need to address before I can consider it my primary phone. I will post my findings here later on, if I need to make an application myself, or setup some type of gateway, no problem as long I get my functionality. I’m willing to suffer a little to try out the phone.

There are of course other applications that I use, that are important but not that important.

Hangouts - Text and pictures will do, never uses voice or calls. I have a lot of friends and colleagues that uses Hangouts to it’s really nice to have. I can live with the inconvenience to have it on my work phone.

Twitter - I read in bed and sometimes when I commute, really nice to have. But do not really need it on my primary phone, the work phone will do just fine. But if I find a nice client I will of course use it.

BankID/Swish - Used to send money, really popular and convenient way to pay friends when we are out eating. Not that important and I have no real hopes to see this on Ubuntu Touch any year soon, the work phone will do for now!

My bank app - Work phone will do, do not use it that often, but it’s really nice to have to pay bills (ORC scanning).

Jabber client - Good chance to get this one working I guess consider that it’s an open protocol. Really not that important, uses it just a few times a week.

Firefox - I will really miss Firefox. I have been using it on Android for some time now and I will miss it on Ubuntu Touch, I hope that we will see a port for it in the future.

LastPass - Not that important for me, I can login to the apps in front of a computer.

ownCloud - I use the app for filesync of my pictures, this is a easy one to replace. If there are no good apps, I can always just make a cronjob with rsync :) I love that the phone has a real OS!

Various apps that I seldom use, like Uber, YouTube, Skype, and so one are good candidates for my work phone, or possible my Nexus 7 tablet.

Let get the project started, my plan is to migrate to the Ubuntu Phone in a few days!

Please note that this is a old post from the year 2016 and the information may be outdated. All these 684 words are written by Stefan Berggren, feel free and contact me if you like.