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In my last post I wrote about the last year, it has been a good year overall but still quite stressful. I was thrown into a position of a lot of responsibility and the year has been filled with hundreds of small tasks that I’m trying to balance out.

The thing is, is has been really fun. I have learned a lot of new things, both about new technologies but also about my self, what I like to do, and more about group dynamics. The danger with stressful fun things is that you do not notice the stress until it has well passed the limit, and yeah, I really needed this christmas break.

The holidays aligned nicely this year with the weekends meaning that you got a little over three weeks away from work for just using up eight vacation days. I really needed that, the problem is that I know that three weeks are not enough to really fully relax when you are that stressed, but it is a start. This year I need to focus on structure, think before I say yes and do things in a more structured way. This is important to keep the stress level down.

But over all, I’m looking forward to return to work and continue with all these fun things that I work with. I just has to be a little careful and not say yes to everything.

Please note that this is a old post from the year 2015 and the information may be outdated. All these 244 words are written by Stefan Berggren, feel free and contact me if you like.