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    De-Google my life

    I have now passed the mid-mark of my summer vacation, just a little under two weeks left. Looking forward to being back to work, a lot of interesting things happening at SVTi this autumn. But at the same time It’s really nice to do exactly what I want in the days, dosen’t matter the day or time. I took once again on of these “relaxing vacations”, I needed it.


    One thing that has become really interesting over the last year is Docker. It has evolved quickly and built up an ecosystem with a really active community. At work, we started to migrate from a old monolithic infrastructure to a service based infrastructure. We are deploying a mix of different platforms and tools and are trying to keep us independent of specific tools, we think it is too early to see who is the winners, and what platform or project that still will be around in five years.


    In my last post I wrote about the last year, it has been a good year overall but still quite stressful. I was thrown into a position of a lot of responsibility and the year has been filled with hundreds of small tasks that I’m trying to balance out.

    Hello there 2015

    Hello there, once again a year has passed. It has been an interesting year with new technologies and new a lot of new things for me to learn. I think this year will mark the year when I switch this blog over to English as the primary language, I will still write in Swedish from time to time.