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Windows Vista & DRM


Det här blir ett kort inlägg som hänvisar till en klart läsvärd text, se dock till att ha mycket tid till övers och ett stort intresse av teknik, annars tar du nog dig inte igenom den :)

A Cost Analysis of Windows Vista Content Protection (via)

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Say you’ve just bought Pink Floyd’s “The Dark Side of the Moon”, released as a Super Audio CD (SACD) in its 30th anniversary edition in 2003, and you want to play it under Vista (I’m just using SACD as a representative example of protected audio content because it’s a well-known technology, in practice Sony has refused to license it for playback on PCs). Since the S/PDIF link to your amplifier/speakers is regarded as insecure for playing the SA content, Vista would disable it, and you’d end up hearing a performance by Marcel Marceau instead of Pink Floyd.

Similarly, component (YPbPr) video will be disabled by Vista’s content protection, so the same applies to a high-end video setup fed from component video. But what if you’re lucky enough to have bought a video card that supports HDMI digital video with HDCP content-protection? There’s a good chance that you’ll have to go out and buy another video card that really does support HDCP, because until quite recently no video card on the market actually supported it even if the vendor’s advertising claimed that it did. /../

Protecting all of this precious premium content requires a lot of additional technology. Unfortunately much of this is owned by third parties and requires additional licensing. For example HDCP for HDMI is owned by Intel, so in order to send a signal over HDMI you have to pay royalties to Intel, even though you could do exactly the same thing for free over DVI (actually you could do it better, since DVI provides a higher-quality link than HDMI). /…/

Det finns mycket intressant och läsbart i artikeln. Man kan undra vad dom håller på med, hur paranoid är dom egentligen att man ska kopiera filmen eller musiken, dom som kopierar gör det ändå (då skydd knäcks) och de som blir lidande är de stackarna som sitter och har betalat för sig.

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