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GitHub - The central spot for code

The acquisition of GitHub by Microsoft brought up a few emotions and a few old thoughts of mine. GitHub had been the defacto community for code sharing for everything from FOSS projects to large businesses for some time now. Most people have an account, so you can expect people to be able to comment, make pull requests and so on. It is also large advantage to keep the code, issues and workflow at the same spot where the community is.

Fuzzy Bash completion

The ssh command has included bash completion in most systems, for example you can complete common host names and on some systems even hosts previously connected to from the known_hosts file, but this file do not contain useful hostnames since many years due to security reasons. At work we I connect to hundred of hosts and I can’t use the known_hosts for for tab completion. I use ^r a lot to search for old entries and that works in a few cases.

This year

Time is interesting, what is a day for you? A complete rotation around earth axis, or from when the sun is at it’s highest point in the sky, until the next one? It’s not the same, think about it. Independent of with one you choose you have about 365 and a quarter of days until the next year starts. We will celebrate it rounded down to 365 to make things simpler, and catch up the missing time in 2020 with an extra full day.


One of the things I always liked with Ubuntu it is “A better Debian Unstable”. Same package format and OS layout. A reasonable mix between new packages, and stability and QA. I have been using Debian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Ubuntu Mate, Elementary OS, Ubuntu Budgie and Ubuntu GNOME now for over a decade as my main distros and there is a reason for that, deb packages and the ecosystem.


One big thing for me over the last few years is containers, security confinement and sandboxes. It’s not a new thing, but in the Linux space a lot of interesting tooling around these technologies has appeared over the last years. One of them are Firejail, it’s a simple tool that can apply security constraints to an application. For example, I write this in the Markdown editor Abricotine now. All scary syscalls dropped, contained and in it’s own network namespace with no network access.

New Theme

Just a short update. I got bored of the old theme and replaced it with a theme called Blackburn. I also removed Disqus from the blog posts continuing the trend to make the blog less “bloggy”.

Pebble is no more

Well, the sad news was announced 10 days ago today. There had been rumors before that about what was happening and it was true. Fitbit was acquiring Pebble. Unfortunately not Pebble Inc but just the trademark and the technology. From the point of view of Fitbit I understand, they need a good operating system and it was cheaper to buy a finished one. Pebble Inc was in bad economic state and it would not have been that god deal to acquire Pebble Inc, cheaper to just let it default.

Plan B

In my Ubuntu Touch Phone experiment I have activated plan b, I have since yesterday reverted back to Android and this is why. My Meizu is still a interesting phone, fast with a nice screen and good camera (compared to my earlier phones). It’s super nice to have a real operating system there that I can manage like a normal computer. I like the idea to get some alternatives in between Android and iOS.

Phone Update

In about a week from now, I have had my Ubuntu Touch phone for two months. I have got used to some aspects of it but I still finds fun and interesting things to do with it. Is it a pain? Yes, indeed it is, more or less all applications that I daily use are worse than the Android equivalent and I have been thinking about the possibility to buy an Android phone, the Pixel do indeed looks interesting.


Time to integrate Nextcloud with my Ubuntu Phone, the calendar was easy because there are an option under accounts that is called “Owncloud”, I just added my Nextcloud account and my calendar was synced. Unfortunately I see no way to sync nether contacts or tasks with this method. I guess, the option will be there in a future OTA, I hope. The good thing is that it’s only the UI that’s missing, you can do plenty of things with the command syncevolution.